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Letters to the churches from Revelations
 2nd July:  Rashell begins: 'Good News Glorified' Revelations 1: 9-20
 9th July:  Rashell preaches: Revelations 2: 1-7
16th July: Rashell preaches: Revelations 2: 8-11 'Perfection is not Protection' - Message to Smyrna
23rd July: Rashell: Revelations 2: 12-17 'Battleground for the Mind' - Message to the church at Pergamum
30th July: Rashell preaches: Message to the Church at Thyatira - Revelations 2: 18-29
 6th August: Rashell preaches on Revelations 3: 1-6 - Message to the church at Sardis

13th August: Ralph Coleman, Railway Chaplain, preaches - Psalm 23
20th August:  Jane Webb preaches. 'Open the Book' and the story of Jonah
27th August: Gill Constable preaches: 'Do you like a mystery.....?'

 3rd September: Rashell continues the study of Revelations 3:7-13 - Message to the church at Philadelphia
10th September: Rashell concludes the study with 'The Great Invitation' - Message to the church at Laodicia

17th September: William Bates preaches - 'The story of Abraham's family'

24th September: Rashell begins a new series on the life of Joseph. 'God meant it for good' Genesis 37:1-11
 1st October:  Gavin and Sally Murray - 'Faith and Fear' - vision for a new ministry in Derby. 
 8th October: On Harvest Sunday, Eleanor Kelsey tells us about her visit to Thailand with BMS
15th October: Rashell continues with the story of Joseph. 'Bitter or Better' Genesis 39